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Erobot Assassindroid

Back in 2013, I was asked to write a “blurb” for a new paper RPG called Heavy Future.  It’s a Sci-Fi RPG with futuristic elements, and in particular, androids. I ended up writing a rather neat little story for it, which made it into the supplemental Erobots Unmasked.  I stumbled on it again while going […]

Fembot Manips II — March 2020

And now, I bless the world with more high art, the kind that heretofore was to be viewed exclusively in haughty museums and art galleries.  I hope you are wearing your most elegant clothes as you view these! Now, I must away!  It’s back to brunch on the yacht and to play polo in the […]

Fembot Manips — January 2020

A new year is upon us, and I for one am thrilled that I can use Puppy Linux to use an old Windows XP computer from 2006 to do internet stuff!  But you don’t care and nor should you!  It’s time for more manips!

Robot Radio (For Fallout 4)

Those of you who play Fallout 4 might remember the Radio K.I.M. series of “broadcasts” I created with the lovely and talented Kim Coquette for use in the game.  Those require the PipPOD mod and add dozens of hours of audio content to the game. Well, I’ve made another broadcast set, though unfortunately I can’t […]

Shemale Robots Five

Here is my latest batch of manips, featuring lovely ladies with ballcock assemblies.  For bonus points, spot the comically altered Sega Master System video game box art. Bonus video:

Robot Voice Audio Tutorial

I was asked how to get some of those lovely robot voice effects in my audio, so here’s how I do it.  I must explain first that the audio editing software I use is CoolEdit Pro for Windows.  That’s very old software that’s no longer available, and is technically Adobe Audition now.  Most people use […]

Robotman Reviews Windows – Windows 1 2 3

As much as I love the security of desktop Linux, I still use Windows for certain things.  And I’ve been using Windows since 1998.  So I thought to myself “What the world really needs more than anything else, is Robotman’s thoughts on the different versions of Windows over the years.” If you want to see […]

Tutorial: How to fix the terrible sound on “From Genesis to Revelation”

When most people think of this album, they think “wall of schmaltz” or “the one that Johnathan King ruined”.  I usually try to defend the songs on this album, but I usually forget that when I listen to it, I’m hearing a heavily edited version that I carved up in an audio editor.  To quote […]

The Adventures of Scary Barry

Seeing as how I pay professional comic artists to draw my lovely comics for me, I have often said that my drawing skills are non-existent and that I can’t draw.  This isn’t actually 100% true.  I can sort-of draw.  But I will admit that I can’t draw sexy women, so you’ll never see me attempt […]

Golfyssey 10 — Sega Master System

How is it that the Sega Master System – which was technically a better game console than the NES in many ways – failed to make much of a dent in Nintendo’s sales, and failed to even have a fraction of the amount of decent games made for it?  Why are there just a handful […]

Golfyssey 04 — Apple ][

Ah, the Apple II.  That good old beast of a computer built by Steve Wozniak when Apple was just a wee company.  I never owned one of these, but my elementary school had about a dozen of them back in the early 80s.  From them, I learned the joys of waiting your turn, “no, we […]

Golfyssey 03 – Intellivision

Oh my god, did I want an Intellivision when I was a kid.  I was quite young when the system was in its prime, but the TV advertisements were everywhere.  One of the slogans they used was “the closest thing to the real thing”.  Well, that was certainly true when you’re only comparing it to the […]

Robotman Linux

With concerns in mind about privacy and security, I have often suggested that people use Linux to browse the internet.  I think that advice is particularly relevant with the recent news about government spying.  I’m also aware that some technosexuals are hesitant to regularly visit Fembot Central or FembotWiki because they don’t want their partners […]

The Room

I don’t watch movies.  I have this down to the fact that I don’t like fiction.  Just ignore the fact that I’ve written a novel, four comic books and then some. But this movie is infamous.  I’ve been aware of it’s existence for a few years, and I’ve actually mentally put it on my “I’d […]


Song of the Day – “Andromeda” by Zuckerbaby

Bubblegum pop.  By a 90s band, right here where I live in Calgary.  This was actually a fairly big radio hit in Canada.  I bought the album, because, back then, two great songs from a band would make me buy the album.  The other great song from these guys is called “Heavy”. Oh, why the […]

Where did the weekend go?

Seriously?  WTFOMGBBQ? I usually spend a great deal of time vegetating, and I have not done this.  And now it’s freaking 9:00 and I wanted to be in bed an hour ago. At least I’m still very happy with my Roomba.  It just vacuumed a freshly mopped and dried washroom floor and everything down here […]

Song of the Day – “To Be A Millionaire” by Spacehog

This is a silly little song.  A silly, fun, odd little song.  But it actually contains a line that made me think, and that then made me realize something very profound and important. First, the lyrics: Shot his mother down With a gun that he had found Dragged her by the hair And sat her […]

Peer pressure: All the cool kids are wearing plastic bags on their heads.

These are some things.  Not a few of my favorite things, but just some things I know. My parents’ 18 year old orange cat took over my new guitar’s case within a time span of five seconds I like big butts and I can not lie I’m sleepy I wish my parents were millionaires On […]

Song of the Day – “Down Rodeo” by Rage Against The Machine

Man, these guys is angry!  I understand the issues that Mr. de la Rocha is singing about.  I’ve got a bookshelf full of books that make me angry.  I can’t even read them any more, they make me too angry.  At this phase in my life I need to be happy, and I need to […]

News in Brief – A recap of this week’s events

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another “News in Brief” just like I do every Friday.  Every day, in fact.  I do this every hour here on this blog.  You see this every minute. The week started Monday when my head turned into a giant rear view mirror.  I got followed a lot […]