Song of the Day – “White Wall” by The Bob Seger System

Yes, THAT Bob Seger.  Apologies, for I can’t find a YouTube link for this song.  This isn’t the kind of music that your everyday Bob Seger fans like.  This is some Midwestern Psychedelic Rock from back in 1969.  Good lord, does it sound different from what he did later!

Bob Seger System – White Wall (sample clip)

I just whipped up a little sample audio clip for you.  It’s 38 seconds of this 5 minute and 20 second song, and it gives you an idea of how it goes.  Man, it’s fucking epic.

If you want to hear a full song by this band from the same year, check out this song, called “2 + 2 = ?”.

Even back in the late 60s, Bob had that golden voice.  Perhaps that was one of the problems later on, when he started to make music that was just a little too slick and polished.  I’ve heard some of his “live” tracks from the 80s.  It’s so obvious that lots and lots of crowd cheering was added later, and it makes me wonder how many of those tunes were even recorded live.

But enough of that, let’s go back to the 60s with Bob.  Some of his early stuff has an almost Punk kind of feel to some parts.  I’m sure this was just freak-out psychedelia done sloppy, but man was it sorely missed as the years went by.

The only thing that even comes close, and that comes to mind right now, from his later career is a song from 1996 called “16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six”.  I just found out from the interwebs that this is a Tom Waits song.  Well, I guess I can disagree the next time someone tells me “Tom Waits for no one!”

Not true, apparently.

Now, while I’m on the subject, and fucking everywhere even remotely around it, I could go on and on about how Metallica ruined his song “Turn the Page”.  I never really liked that song though, so whatever.

Aren’t Metallica such a fucking bunch of ridiculous, pampered rockstar douchebags now?  Except Robert Trujilo.  He can kick my ass with a flick of his pinky finger, so I will only say nice things about him.  He was also in Suicidal Tendencies, so he gets a pass on fucking near ANYTHING.

S! T!

Here is the part of this blog post where I will mock someone I don’t know.  And not very creatively at that.  I will go to Google image search and find a funny picture that someone else has made and insert it into my almost-witty commentary

As you can see Mr. James Hetfield was out shopping not too long ago.  I wouldn’t make fun of a former music idol of mine if he hadn’t turned out to be such a greedy redneck fool.

While we’re bashing Metallica, watch these.

I see Bob Seger on stage, his acoustic guitar strung across his shoulder, and he’s waving.  The PA has been turned off, but I can hear him saying “Mike, what about me!  You were talking about me!!!”

That’s right.  Sorry Bob, I was.  I had run out of things to say about your excellent song and its cousins, and even it’s slow and lazy-eyed descendants.  I think some of those later songs in the 80s married a little to close to their own branches if you know what I mean.  I’m talking “Uncle Dad” here, y’understand.

Hell, I’ll come out and say it.  That song you did for the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack came out retarded.  Every time I hear it, it’s gotten out of the short yellow bus, and when it’s over, it climbs back on so the bus driver can wipe the drool from its chin and sit it back down in the front seat where it can be in clear sight for the trip home.

That’s okay Bob, I know.  Retarded songs are still songs.  Sorry… developmentally disabled songs.

They are special!