Coming out of a cold snap

I just want to rant and whine about how cold it is now.  Last night it was forecast to go down to -34.4.  This is all Celsius, btw.  When it gets past -20 it’s all just too fucking cold anyway, so I don’t really know if it got THAT cold.  But I’ve been watching the temperature icon on my Weather Watcher Live desktop weather app, and It’s been from -29 to -28 to -27 and back to -28 today.

It’s going to be hella fucking cold tomorrow, but later in the week it will be 3 degrees above zero.  That’s Calgary for you.  One New years Day, I saw the temperature go from about -20 to 16 above in just a few hours.  I was nursing a hangover at a friend’s house, and the sudden rise in temperature made their glass screen door crack.

Crazy weather we have here.

I really love that Weather Watcher Live application, despite it being a Windows only app, and despite it no longer being free.  I will fork over cash for software when I use it a lot and when I think it’s good.  I’d pay for IrfanView too if it wasn’t free.

Weather Watcher Live map

That’s a map provided out of the program.  There’s not as much dark blue on it as there was yesterday.

If you’re as geeky as me, you’ll appreciate the following info: that screenshot was taken by IrfanView running in Windows XP running in VirtualBox running in my Linux desktop.  I would have just used the nifty and very efficient SCROT tool I have for Linux, but since I switched from XFCE to LXDE as a desktop environment, I haven’t yet found out how to set up a hotkey for it.  Methinks I will have to google that.

In summary, it’s fucking cold.