Song of the Day – “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House

Cheer the fuck up!

I think this one‘s about how everything seems to suck but you need to get your shit together and carry on living anyway.

And if it’s not, that’s okay.  The Drummer for this band, Paul Hester, didnt’ take that message to heart.  He hung himself in a park around the turn of the century.  What a fucking drag.

Speaking of drag, here’s a video from the members of Split Enz.

Nice song, but what the fuck is with the makeup?

Speaking of Split Enz, what the fuck is with this?

Visuals aside, they were a great band.  They’re on my list of bands-to-get-all their-albums.  Yeah.  Fuck grammar.

But back to Crowded House.  That name comes from the feeling that Mr. Neil Finn got when he was in Split Enz.  There were lots of members and lots of egos and lots of possible directions to go.  So he said “fuck this” and formed his own band with Split Enz’s current drummer and some lanky dude who played bass and keyboards.

I don’t have a whole lot more to say about Crowded House, other than they played some damn fine pop music.  So did Split Enz in their later years.  Split Enz started out as a very arty, experimental music group that would only play shows in theaters.  I read a story somewhere on the interwebs about part of their show where a woman in a red dress would crawl slowly across the stage with a fake axe embedded in her head.

Again, visuals aside.  I’m weird, I guess, because I don’t care for music mixed with theatrics or even video frames.  I like to listen to it and let the sound itself do the magic for me.

Bet you didn’t know I was weird just by reading this blog.