That Fembot Sound…

Growing up as I did in the 70s and 80s, I was exposed to the glory of 8-bit sound effects when I was a kid.  These kinds of synthesized sounds invariably accompanied the revelations of fembot characters, like on the old Bionic Woman show.

Since then, electronic beeping sounds have been one of the pleasures of my technosexuality, and I like to “hear” electronic beeping and similar sounds when I see some nice scenes or images, or even when I imagine them.  Sadly, to my ears anyway, modern reproductions tend to sound like someone’s iPhone making sounds rather than the otherworldly and coldly electronic sounds I heard when I was young.

Well, in the interests of doing my part to rectify this, I’ve recorded 20 different true 8-bit electronic sound effects that can be used by our video and content producers.  Some of these can also just be enjoyed for their own sake.  These were produced by an Atari 8-bit computer via emulation, so they’re about as close to authentic 8-bit sound as you can get and they’re crystal clear and ready to be spliced into any video project.  All sound files are monaural 44100Hz, 32-bit, Windows PCM audio (.WAV), and compressed for download using 7-Zip.  If anyone wants them in a different audio format, just let me know and I will oblige.


I’ve upgraded and expanded my original set of sound effects files, and they now include some more fembot beeping options, and a whole range of servo motor sounds.  Sound files are now in 320kbps mp3 format.  They can be downloaded in one 43MB file:

Give this sample mp3 a listen while viewing this faceoff scene from the Doctor Who episode “The Android Invasion”, and tell me if electronic beeping sounds don’t make everything better.

Sarah-Jane is an android

And as an added bonus to celebrate the new and expanded version, here’s another lovely fembot faceoff!

This girl is an android too