Song of the Day – “She’s Electric” by Oasis.

Alright then, lets get some things out of the way first.  Yes, this song makes me think about female androids.

She’s electric, ya know.

Now that we’ve settled that, there’s another issue that demands our attention.

You may find this hard to believe but…

Oasis are NOT The Beatles.

I think this fact may only just now be dawning on the Brothers Gallagher.  Did you know that they share one massive monobrow between them?

Ha!  Just kidding.  You can probably tell that I sloppily drew one big monobrow on that pic with MS Paint.  Here’s the original pic so you can see what they really look like:

I read that the more talented and less uppity one (Noel) left the band and claimed that he would never come back.  Meh.  A couple of posts down I mentioned how Motörhead and AC/DC had basically re-recorded the same album dozens of times and made it work for them.  Well, The Beatles sorry, Oasis tried to do the same thing.  Didn’t work so well.  They sure did lots of coke though.  Oddly enough, when they stopped doing coke, their music lost its sparkle.  Its flair.  Its pizazz.  Its Oomph.  Its Raison d’être.

The Brothers Gallagher are still a bunch of petulant twits though.  Thank goodness they still had the attitude long after any whiff of talent had worn off.  Perhaps I’m being a little harsh to these guys considering how much I like Oasis.  It’s good fine music.  Nothing to send into space on a Voyager probe, but when it comes up on my iPod’s shuffle play mode, I usually don’t skip it.

And maybe that’s how Oasis should be remembered: The band you usually don’t skip when they pop up on your iPod.