A Poem – “The Creation of my Robot Girlfriend”

Poems, Everybody!

Poems, Everybody!

Here’s a little background on this one.  I’ve been having this fantasy for a few years now, and I wanted to write it out into a more substantial story.  But honestly, I don’t think there’s much more that I could do with it, so here’s a poem.

Oh, and the basis of the fantasy is that of a post-apocalyptic world where a lone human survivor of a species-ending cataclysm is found by a crew of female androids and taken on-board their space station.  They’re all sexy and willing to indulge in his (mine) every depraved impulse, of course.  This is a sexual fantasy we’re talking about, not some Hugo award winning Sci-Fi.

“The Creation of my Robot Girlfriend”

As often times out here in space
When I relax in evening time
I gaze upon my lady’s face
And think of how I made her mine

She wasn’t always here, you see
Aboard this disc of vast rotation
I had her custom made for me
To be my girl on this space station

It was one year ago today
That I was found just floating there
Cryogenically displayed
In one escape pod to nowhere

I can remember nothing from
Before the time that I was sealed
But to their notice I had come
These lovely androids far afield

They took me in and thawed me out
And took care of my vital signs
They acted strange… there was no doubt
They were machines of our design

But they had never met a man
A human person just like me
So much they did not understand
Their electronics could not see

They knew that all my needs were met
They asked me so and I said ”cool”
But they could not compute the sweat
And they could not compute the drool

My lust for robots knew no bounds
And all these women were delights
This paradise that I had found
Intoxicating to my sights

Bianka was my liaison
Programmed to accompany
To any place or occasion
To watch these robots functioning

She soon became my confidant
I told her of my fembot lust
And though this place was adequate
More sex and circuits was a must

The beautiful Bianka stood
And processed in her robot way
And with a beep she understood
What I had just begun to say

She reached up, stiff moving hands
And grasped the edges of her face
Then pulled it off while sensors scanned
And bright LEDs flashed apace

Her circuitry was beautiful
I told this to the robot girl
”My facemask is removable”
She told me as I stroked her curls

Bianka’s breasts were big and fake
As everything about her was
Her perfect body mine to take
She would obey simply because

Her programming was incomplete
She never did get too romantic
But robot women in the sheets
Can be delightfully pedantic

I soon became accustomed to
The life routine that they had made
I had a suite where I went to
When I was not out getting laid

There were a thousand androids here
Maybe a hundred or two more
Each had some features to endear
It to this human guest who walked the floor

All pretty women dressed the same
In shiny satin bodysuits
With numbers printed and their names
And matching thigh high vinyl boots

They walked around for half the day
Just looking good and to be seen
And then in shifts got put away
In charging booths with plastic sheen

So there were always hot machines
Wandering through the corridors
And outside each door little screens
And two small pictures by the door

Each suite had occupants you see
”Roommate” system for robots
And I could enter as I pleased
And I could get away with lots

But even with those flawless looks
And access panels and facemasks
All this bait was missing hooks
So eventually I had to ask

Bianka, my liaison-bot
Build a robot just for me
Like you in some ways, others not
But with all new programming

Give this robot chubby hips
Big plump thighs and big round buns
Give her full and rounded lips
And matching breasts – set to stun

Voluptuous will be the word
And monotone her speaking voice
Those whirring noises must be heard
And beeping sounds make me rejoice

Smooth and shiny make her skin
Artificial, more than yours
Access panels and within
All with seams for easy tours

Give her eyes of coldest blue
An empty stare to stir desire
Make her then want me to view
The circuitry, the ports, the wires

Make her technosexual
Make her show me what she’s got
Program her with things conceptual
Of robotics, what Love’s wrought

There must be new software done
None of you’re programmed for sex
Please craft it well, for she’s the one
I’ll help with tests, I’ll help with checks

Bianka stood and stared at me
She said ”Processing” many times
She beeped and then eventually
She gave another of those signs

”Please wait… I will submit request”
She said amid extended beeps
No response came when further pressed
So I gave up and tried to sleep

Two hours from then I heard the door
A visitor had come to greet
I rolled out of bed to the floor
And saw somebody new to meet

”My name is Lauren” this girl said
She turned out just as I had hoped
She entered and then turned her head
We kissed together and we groped

Voluptuous in lingerie
The robot pushed me to the bed
Aware of my tastes in foreplay
Stiffly reached up to her head

Lauren took her facemask off
Shone her bright lights down my way
”I am a robot” came the soft
Synthetic female speaker play

Up on my elbows I now leaned
Lauren turned around for me
Showing off new plastic, clean
And shiny… such machinery

I marveled at the shape of her
Hourglass figure, plastic curves
I listened to her servos whirr
And just layed back, and just observed

Lauren’s been my girl since then
We consummated things that night
Sex Programming Version 10
Is nearing 16 gigabytes

Together we live in this suite
And visit other robot girls
We’ve played with the entire fleet
In this place high above the world