Robotman’s Cheap Classic Console Calendar 2020

In an attempt to adorn my bare and crumbling walls again this year, I’ve forgone the tradition that most folks have of buying a calendar, and I’ve made my own out of bookers and hacky sack.  Or something like that.

Then again, considering how much printer ink costs, maybe this is the stupid way to go.  Oh well.  It’s time to unveil another amateurish, crappy looking calendar!

This one includes twelve not-so well-known video game consoles from the late 1970s to the early 1990s.  In fact, I’m pretty sure some of these are made up by people pranking Wikipedia.  You be the judge!

  • January: 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System
  • February: RCA Studio II
  • March: APF-MP1000
  • April: Epoch Cassette Vision
  • May: VTech CreatiVision
  • June: Casio PV-1000
  • July: View-Master Interactive Vision
  • August: Amstrad-GX4000
  • September: Commodore 64 Games System
  • October: FM Towns Marty
  • November: Neo Geo CD
  • December: NEC PC-FX

Here’s the 2020 calendar for download.

This will probably be the last calendar because I’m going to just recycle the old ones I’ve made and update the year numbers on them now that they can be used again.  Enter “Calendar” in the search box here and you’ll see the rest of them too.