Double take

Why stop at one when you can have two?

Everybody likes twins!

Okay, before I get totally derailed here again… no, hold up, I’m going to indulge in this for a while.  These are the Barbi Twins.

Back in the 90s, I was SURE they were androids.  Look at those blank stares!  Look at those perfect bimbo babe bodies!  Those aren’t twins, those are two of several thousand identical robots!

Okay, I’m done now.  I’m not going to claim that everything comes in pairs, particle physics notwithstanding.  I will however point some matching pairs out to you.

Pair #1:
Naveed” by Our Lady Peace and “In Repair” by Our Lady Peace

Much better the first time around.  But still great when they decided to write the song again and give it different words.

Pair #2:
Epitaph” by King Crimson and “In the Wake of Poseidon” by King Crimson

Some say that the entire second album was a copy of the first.  It kind of sounds like it.  That might have been the start of Robert Fripp’s obsession with not playing the old “hits” and trying to sound different with every passing hour.

Pair #3:
Street of Dreams” by Rainbow and “Scatterbrain” by Radiohead

These guys look identical, dare I say… like twins!

Even the band names are damn near the same!  And if you shove a bunch of lego blocks in your mouth and say the song titles together several times really fast they also sound the same!  Try it!

Pair #4:
Short Songs” by Dead Kennedys and “Close to the Edge” by Yes

Rick Wakeman eat your heart out, indeed!  I can’t tell these songs apart!

Pair #5:

Okay, those are just nice to look at.