Cyberpunk 2077

November 19th is just a week and a half away!  Oh wait a minute… what’s this yellow block with text on it…

Yeah, well, so what.  As far as reminiscences go, that old planned release date is now no more meaningful than the old September 17th and April 16th release dates.  And the delay being announced literally one single day after “NO MORE DELAYS!” being announced by the same company that’s making the game… well…

I remember back in 2012 when this game was announced.  I was fricken stoked, man.  I was certain that this would be an epic sci-fi game that would certainly take my focus and become an all-time favourite.  Not just that, but I was certain that it would contain androids, and in particular, sexy female androids.

Now, I’m almost certain that there won’t be any androids in this game.  Cyborgs and assorted non-humanoid robots, yeah sure.  But no androids.  I could be wrong, and maybe I am.  We’ll see.

Then there’s the issue of “celebrities” and “influencers” being included in the game.  I can’t overstate how much I really, really dislike celebrities and especially people who are famous just because their famous.  The fact that such people are included as characters in this game is really making me wonder if there’s a compelling game behind their inclusion at all.  All the massive corporate hype and corporate tie-ins really get me disinterested too.  I used to be hyped and excited to play this the minute it came out.  Now I think I’ll give it a month or two for the initial bugs to be patched out, and the fanboy hysteria to settle down.

I’m also really doubting that this game will be released this year, in 2020.  I’m about two thirds sure it won’t be.  So see you in 2021, everybody.