Well, lawdy freakin daw

I’m sure many of you out there have noticed that motherfucking godawful bloody Daylight Saving time has cursed us all with its presence one more time.  Except for folks in Saskatchewan.  Why did they realize that DST is a useless fucking turd and not the rest of us?

Anyhoo, you’ve probably guessed by now that I fucking hate DST.  When I lose an hour of sleep on that Monday, the whole week is fucked.  I needs my sleep.  I likes to sleep, and I do it very well, thank you.  We have artificial lights now.  This DST bullshit is completely unnecessary.

But enough complaining.  I will now blab about something more interesting.  When I switched to LXDE from Xfce (after long ago having switched from GNOME) on this here Ubuntu installation, I was miffed (yes, miffed) that my PC’s very shitty battery clock wasn’t keeping proper time, and that the time servers on the interwebs were no longer being asked for input in the matter.  See, this PC’s clock is off by just over 2 minutes a fucking DAY.  That’s a very inaccurate clock.  That’s enough to make me miss my fucking bus in the morning if I don’t remember to set the clock to the right time each and every fucking day.

Someone once said that there is too much profanity in the world.  Hi Uncle Furry!  Well, I say FUCK THE FUCKING FUCKER!  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.  Fuckitty fuck-fuck-fuck.  Fuck-a-mole.  Fuckled.  Fuck-O-Rama.  FUCK!!!


Where was I… Oh yes…. So to mitigate this odd circumstance, I had a shortcut to the Time and Date interface on my LXDE panel.  I had the app set to “manual” and each morning, I’d start it up, insert my password and manually set the time.  LXDE didn’t seem to want to play nice with the interweb time servers.

But the situation has improved!  Zoy!  On my laptop, which also runs the bastardized and customized Xubuntu/LXDE dealy I have going here, I clicked on the Time and Date interface to set the time.  On a whim, I set it to automatically update, and it informed me that I needed the NTP packages installed.  It then installed them after I clicked Okay, and it let me choose my time servers.  And it works!  Zoy!

So of course I went and tried it here on this computer.  I already had NTP installed, so I just selected the Canada time server along with the Ubuntu one (which I think Mark Shuttleworth left in space…) and Clickitty-Clack… it’s back on track!

Alternatively, Fuckitty-Fuck, it’s not a duck!

The moral of the story is that my computer’s time doesn’t need to be set manually every morning.  You know, it’s hard to tell just what I’m saying sometimes.  That’s because of all the fucking swearing I do, and because of the cunt fact that shit I balls motherfucker swear a fucking hell lot.  Bitch.

My keyboard has Tourette syndrome.  No, I’s shitting you.  I just have a nasty filthy foul mouth.


Now, all I need LXDE to do is to automatically mount my external media.  I was going to make a joke about “mounting” a female android but I can’t think of anything clever to say.

Cock Balls Ass Cunt Bitch Motherfucker Fuck.

Fuck Apple.