Song of the Day – “Transistor” by 311

Wow!  311 is today’s date!

No, it’s not actually.  I was thinking of posting about a 311 song yesterday.  So I missed by one day.

Here’s a video for the song, which I’ve never seen until just now.

311 is one of those bands that you almost hate to admit to liking.  Their lyrics are simplistic and goofy.  Also, it’s Rap Metal.  So many bands just fuck that particular mix right up.  I’ve only got 3 of their albums, but I love them all.  They’re definitely on my list-of-bands-to-get-all-their-albums.  But that’s expensive.  I’ve got a ton of music in my CD collection that I need to digify and get onto my newfangled iPod music playing device.

Fuck Apple, btw.

This song has some unconventional elements, like a different kind of rhythm structure and an odd use of vocal melodies.  But it’s a great little tune.  These guys were on a total Reggae kick when they made the “Transistor” album in 1997.  I’ve seen that complained about in reviews, but I think the sound suits them.  I’ve also seen it written that the producer was more to blame/credit for this album’s sound than the band.  Big deal.  It’s a great record.

I have a headache tonight that came on quite suddenly today, so I’m outta here.