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truncated verbiage spew

So with all the blabber I’ve been spewing about my new Roomba, I don’t think I’ve relayed just how much I like having it do the vacuuming.  Now that it’s not afraid of falling through my black carpet, I can rest assured that it will keep my carpets nice and clean, and deal with all […]

A problem with Cliff

No, not this Cliff. No, not this Cliff. Something more like these cliffs: You see, my Roomba has what are called “Cliff Sensors”.  These are 4 little infrared sensors that point downward at the front edge of the vacuum.  These sensors will stop the Roomba from going over the edge of a staircase, so in […]

Robot invasion – day 3

Have I mentioned yet how freaked out my cat is by the Roomba?  My parents’ orange cat is rather freaked out by it too, though he’s a little braver.  This is him: In spirit anyway.  He is fond of biting me.  And here’s a cloud that looks like a lion cub: And here’s the clouds […]

Robot invasion – day 2

So far so good.  I’ve got the Roomba all charged and I’ve settled into the habit of cleaning the bin and brushes out every 5 minutes.  Supposedly, this only needs to be done at the end of every cleaning cycle, but my floor is way fucking dirty.  I’m almost ashamed to admit how much cat […]

Robot invasion – day 1

You just knew that me talking about my new Roobma would give me plenty of chances to make bad jokes and gratuitously insert pictures of sexy female robots… didn’t you? I’d rumba with her any day. Okay, let’s get to the topic at hand now.  I am now the proud owner of my very first […]

The Robots are coming

Here on Gratuitous Science, I like to get gratuitous with the science.  When I say “The Robots are coming”… does that make you feel like this? Or this? Does it conjure up images like this? Or this? Well, I’m talking right now about this: Yes, I’m going to finally buy my first robot.  I’m disappointed […]