Robot invasion – day 3

Have I mentioned yet how freaked out my cat is by the Roomba?  My parents’ orange cat is rather freaked out by it too, though he’s a little braver.  This is him:

In spirit anyway.  He is fond of biting me.  And here’s a cloud that looks like a lion cub:

And here’s the clouds giving you the middle finger:

And here’s a robot giving you the middle finger:

And here’s Jesus giving you the middle finger:

How come Western depictions of Jesus make him look like a young Italian man from the Renaissance?  Why not make him look like a Middle Eastern guy?

Or better yet, how bout Black Jesus?  Can a brotha get some loaves and some fishes?

But enough of these tawdry jokes.  You came here to read about my new vacuum cleaner.  I am kind of sad to report that the sheer amount of dirt on my floor is making it hard for me to judge the Roomba’s effectiveness fully.  It’s removing lots of dirt, sure, but I have to empty out the bin and clean the brushes so often that I’m thinking that just plugging in my regular vacuum would be way more effective.

But I think that once the floor is pretty much clean, it will stay that way if I run this thing every day.

Also, and this aside (parenthetical) is quite important, I am trying to convince my parents’ orange cat to ride the Roomba like a chariot.  I know it is possible… I just need to convince him of this.  If he masters this device, he will be invincible.  The other cats would dare not challenge his supremacy.  I will keep you updated on this most important of details.  Stay tuned!