The Robots are coming

Here on Gratuitous Science, I like to get gratuitous with the science.  When I say “The Robots are coming”… does that make you feel like this?

Or this?

Does it conjure up images like this?

Or this?

Well, I’m talking right now about this:

Yes, I’m going to finally buy my first robot.  I’m disappointed to announce that it won’t look like this:

But that kind of robot won’t be in my price range for a long time.  Let’s just try something here….

Nope.  That doesn’t get me all hot like this does:

I’m such a weirdo.  Good thing I enjoy it.

So, I actually do need a Roomba.  Not just to support the nascent robotics industry, but because I work so much during the week that I never have time or energy to vacuum on the weekends.  So I’m going to order one of these, and I’ll rest easy knowing that my guitar picks and fresh cat vomit will be tidily whisked away into the inside of this neat little automatic vacuum cleaner.

My parents cats and my own cat just LOVE to throw up on the basement carpet.  I wonder if I should exclude that area from the Roomba’s domain.  Meh.  I’ll see about that when I try the thing out.