Robot invasion – day 2

So far so good.  I’ve got the Roomba all charged and I’ve settled into the habit of cleaning the bin and brushes out every 5 minutes.  Supposedly, this only needs to be done at the end of every cleaning cycle, but my floor is way fucking dirty.  I’m almost ashamed to admit how much cat hair and other dust has accumulated on it since I last vacuumed over two months ago.  But Roomba is a little trooper man.

And I can see a problem already.  My rocking chair causes the little robot vacuum cleaner to get one of its wheels off the floor and stop working.  Then it complains.  Actually, the Roomba “talks” in a female voice.  I’m proud of iRobot for making the voice female.  I for one welcome our new fembot overlords…

But anyway… I was going to check Wikipedia because I think the iRobot company was started by Rodney Brooks.  Let me check.

Yes indeed.

I know Cog isn’t my type, but I s’pose if I was gay he would be.

In any case, it’s getting late and I’m tired.  I will have to clean the Roomba some more and go to bed… I s’pose.