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What the Fuck, Firefox?

I thought we were friends, Firefox?  y u do dis? I’ve been using Firefox for a very long time, over a decade, probably longer.  If you search for Firefox in this here blog, you will get a long litany of blather all about my various complaints and praises I’ve had for it over the years.  […]

Golfyssey 28 — PlayStation

Holy crap, remember The Golfyssey?  My lame-brained attempt to “review” a bunch of console-based golf video games and spew forth my uninformed opinions on the hardware on which they were to be had? Good times, good times.  Except for that shitty black and white abomination for the Atari 5200, and the shitty full colour abomination […]

Look at me! I’m a journalist!

RetroArch – Still Garbage After All These Years

Actually I wouldn’t know about the “all these years part”, but frustrated by the sorry state of Saturn emulation, I broke down and downloaded RetroArch so I could try the much-hyped Mednafen-Saturn core.  See my rants here and here for some context, and how low my opinion of these projects is. I immediately got stuck […]

Emulator snobs

I’ve been wanting to make this rant for a while now, but after reading this thread on reddit (archive here), I feel that now is the right time to do it. Lately I’ve noticed  that there are some people in the “emulation community” who are just assholes.  They get mad over the stupidest shit – […]

All the time in the world

You ever see that old episode of the Twilight Zone?  The one where this guy can never find any time to read his favourite books, then the H-bomb hits and then he has all the time in the world to read his books?  But then he breaks his glasses and can’t read his books? I’ve […]

Art and motives

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time and a lot of my own money creating and commissioning artwork for the ASFR community.  To me, the most significant expenditures in time and money have been to create the stories, animations (and most of all) comics that I have released.  I spent hours upon […]


If you were to redefine clusterfuck, how would you go about doing it? About three weeks ago, EA – The Worst Company in America – released a long awaited sequel to one of the best-loved video games of all time. Now, you may already know what SimCity is, and you may have already heard about […]

So… this can just happen…

I complain about my job a lot on this blog.  My job is very stressful, mostly because I work with so many stupid people.  And please don’t think I’m trying to get laughs, I want to say right now this isn’t a funny post.  I’m serious when I say this.  I work with some of […]