RetroArch – Still Garbage After All These Years

Actually I wouldn’t know about the “all these years part”, but frustrated by the sorry state of Saturn emulation, I broke down and downloaded RetroArch so I could try the much-hyped Mednafen-Saturn core.  See my rants here and here for some context, and how low my opinion of these projects is.

I immediately got stuck on what is among the worst interfaces I’ve ever encountered.  Pro-tip: If you have to make tutorial videos to teach people how to use your interface, you have failed completely in designing your interface.  Bonus pro-tip: If you get into nasty flame wars on the internet, angrily insulting anyone who suggests that your interface might not be the best thing since blowjobs were invented, you might just be a complete failure as a GUI designer.

For the love of all that is holy, don’t make anything that scrolls continuously loop.  Were the people who designed this menu fucking retarded?  Are they sadists?

Enough complaints about the mind-blowingly shitty GUI.  The emulator doesn’t fucking work.  It simulates a nice quick clean crash to the desktop, is about all it does.  Why not add some panache, and have it at least fucking blue-screen on me?