What the Fuck, Firefox?

I thought we were friends, Firefox?  y u do dis?

I’ve been using Firefox for a very long time, over a decade, probably longer.  If you search for Firefox in this here blog, you will get a long litany of blather all about my various complaints and praises I’ve had for it over the years.  It’s been a generally good browser, but I’ve always considered it the best overall choice out of what’s out there to use.

Until now.

It seems that between rounds of sniffing glue, the people who “develop” Firefox have decided that they’re bold visionaries of some sort.  I’m sure I just don’t understand their boldness.  I’m sure I also just don’t understand that the way that Firefox makes my computer overheat and slow down is a good thing.  That memory leak must be for my benefit too.

And what I definitely don’t understand is the beauty and elegance of an address bar (sorry AWESOME bar) that is completely non-functional.  Maybe it’s on strike!  Yes, that must be it.  My address bar is on strike.  It will have none of this “functioning” nonsense!

Enter a url?  To hell with that!  Enter a search term?  NEVER!  Enter literally fucking anything?  What the hell are you thinking, Bucko!  This is the AWESOME BAR now.  Get out of here with that old-timey bullshit!

That’s what’s happening in the “nightly” 79.0a1 build of Firefox.  It also looks like Mozilla has decided to cram a small novel into every fucking menu now.  Does the menu when I right-click on some text really need to take up and scroll past the entire fucking screen?  Seriously, 46… fucking 46 menu entries in a context menu!

Fuck Firefox for future functions.  Ha.  Seriously, I’ve tried out a handful of other browsers for my little Intel NUC to get away from the now bloated and buggy monstrosity that is Firefox.

  • Midori – Very light, and comes with a built-in ad-blocker.  Missing key features.
  • Falkon – Old-style FF look for Chromium, with some addon and theme support.  Lightweight too.
  • Pale Moon – The only one I could get to work on a Puppy Linux install.  Not bad.

I don’t think Firefox will ever go back to being remotely usable like the way it used to be.  Remember when it was the fastest and lightest browser?  I think that sadly, Mozilla has gone the way of the Gnome Foundation.  They’re so in love with their own product, that they can’t see it as anything but “their baby”, and they don’t realize it needs to be functional.


Well, I’ve tried Pale Moon on some computers where I can install the latest version.  Goodbye forever, Firefox.  Don’t let the door hit your bloated, corpulent, waddling backside on your way out.