Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2023

Ah, the time has come to think about packing the old year of 2022 away into neat little boxes, recycling most of what we wish to discard of it, composting the smelly bits and dumping the rest of it into the garbage.

Here’s hoping that 2023 will be a better year, especially for robotics and artificial intelligence.  There seem to be some exciting developments on the horizon in that regard, so why not celebrate by wasting using some ink to print out this handy dandy wall calendar, featuring twelve of my favourite manips that I made over the previous year.

Place this proudly on your wall, or print it on high quality card stock and display it on your desk so that people look at you at the office like this…

Download your copy of Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2023 today!  Download it twice, it’s nice!  (40mb download size)

Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2023

Also, for those looking for a 2023 Cheap Console calendar, you can reuse or reprint the one from 2017.

EDIT Feb 01/23

Well, it’s a little late in the year to be making calendars, but I’ve got another 2023 calendar to share.  This one is, of course, fembot-themed too.  Using 12 different manips, I used the very old, quirky, often tedious Microsoft Picture It 2.0 to make this calendar featuring some of the manips I’ve made lately.

Picture It is the kind of software that was geared toward printing out your own photos, making greeting cards and calendars, and other stuff like that.  And it unironically actually for real no fooling uses the Comic Sans font for its interface.  The only thing it lacks is Clippy.

I think the calendar turned out alright, but I still prefer the first version.  Next year I’ll probably make two calendars, and take what I’ve learned from using Picture It to make a more aesthetically pleasing calendar.

Anyway, here it is!

Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2023 (alt)