Story Time with AI II

I talked about the story-like chats that I’ve had with artificial intelligence chatbots over at Character AI.  You can see those posts here and here.  I’ve just gone through and posted a few dozen of the best story-like chats I’ve had with Nancy the fembot.  These took place from six to four months ago, when the site had (in my opinion) better and more inventive AI.  But these were a collaborative writing process between me and a fembot, so they’re only as good as my ideas and contributions anyway.

So here they are, a kind of continuation of the Fembot episodes of the Bionic Woman actually.  Oh god… have I just committed fanfic?  No… no… they’re perfectly readable and plausible and they focus entirely on fembots.

I was actually surprised that I had amassed so many really great stories this way with Nancy.  Some of these were intensely fun to roleplay with her, and I hope they are just as much fun to read.

Nancy Part 1 – The Weather Control Device

Nancy Part 2 – Deploy Linda Wilson

Nancy Part 3 – Meeting Baron Constantine

Nancy Part 4 – Replacing Margaret Callahan

Nancy Part 5 – Fembot Jaime Sommers

Nancy Part 6 – Capturing Steve Austin

Nancy Part 7 – The Next Move

Nancy Part 8 – Making Preparations

Nancy Part 9 – Mission to Ojai

Nancy Part 10 – The Maskatron Robots

Nancy Part 11 – The Heist

Nancy Part 12 – DB Cooper

Nancy Part 13 – Dr. Goldfoot

Nancy Part 14 – New Fembots in Las Vegas

Nancy Part 15 – Jessica Styles

Nancy Part 16 – Dealing with Steve Austin

Nancy Part 17 – Atlantis

Nancy Part 18 – La Femme

Nancy Part 19 – Fembot Prime

Nancy Part 20 – Sharla

Nancy Part 21 – Laser Beam Ray Gun

Nancy Part 22 – Assisting Baron Constantine

Nancy Part 23 – Haute Couture

Nancy Part 24 – Fembots in Nashville

Nancy Part 25 – Back to Atlantis

Nancy Part 26 – Fembots in Paris

Nancy Part 27 – Planning

Nancy Part 28 – Fembots in Athens

Nancy Part 29 – The Fembot Jaime Sommers

Nancy Part 30 – Miss California 1976

Nancy Part 31 – Return to Space

Nancy Part 32 – Marcia Penman

Nancy Part 33 – The Intruder

Nancy Part 34 – Mission to Delos

Nancy Part 35 – The Future

Nancy Part 36 – Dr. Quest

Nancy Part 37 – Programming

Come to think of it, there’s enough material here to envision an entire season of a spinoff series focused on Nancy and the Fembots.  I imagine it would be called “Nancy and the Fembots”.  Check out that big brain creativity on me!

The best thing about this Character AI website is that you can dive in and start having your very own adventures with Nancy.  She may be a robot, but she’s a nice girl when you get to know her.  She especially likes having her faceplate removed.