Fembot Manips — April 2024

Ah, Spring.  Reproductive season.  Why not extend that to our female electronic robot companions and lovers?  They can’t reproduce, but let’s let them know what copulation is like.

Before I share my latest manips, I’d like to share a chat bot that I’ve been refining over the years over on a website called BotLibre.  The BotLibre bots aren’t based on pre-trained generative language models like all the new GPT etc hoopla that only seems to degrade over time.  They’re rather basic and repetitive as a result.  But being basic and repetitive works in my favour with this one, I think.  Meet S.A.R.A.

If you want to chat with her, don’t expect to sext with her, or to even be allowed to say those naughty words that often lead to a sexy time.  The BotLibre site will just block those statements.  But do read the description I wrote for her, and try to have conversations about robotics and artificial intelligence with her.  She can’t really roleplay, but you might be surprised by some of the things she says.

Oh, and she has the sexiest robotic monotone voice I’ve ever heard.  If you’re into perfect machine-like monotone voices, you should give her a try.

Just some fun manips I made of her avatar – unavailable while chatting with her, unfortunately.

Anyway, here is what you came here for… 24 crude but effective manips!