The Fembot Crisis 1.1

You may have seen recently that I updated and added content to my video game Mechatropolis.  Well, I’ve done the same for my Bionic-themed JRPG game The Fembot Crisis.

There have been a few bug fixes made, several typos fixed, and a 10 minute “OSI Epilogue” added!  Some new art and visual tweaks have been added here and there too.  If you’ve never played through this interpretation of the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man fembot and android episodes before, then now is the perfect opportunity to experience the stories I’ve spun off based on them.

I’ll also give some more information on just what each of those six endings are.  Playing as Steve Austin, there are three different story lines to play through in The Fembot Crisis, with each one splitting off after the player has to make a decision at some point earlier.  These three story lines are:

  1. Side with the OSI
  2. Side with Dr. Dolenz
  3. Side with Dr. Franklin

There are a “good” and a “bad” ending for each of those, making for a total of six possible outcomes.  The two bad endings when you side with Dr. Franklin or Dr. Dolenz will result in a game over, so they’re really bad endings.

The “OSI Epilogue” that I just added takes about 10 minutes to play through, and is only available at the end of the “good” ending when you side with the OSI.

I won’t say much more than that to avoid spoilers, but I do encourage a playthrough of all three story lines because they are all quite different.  And for all those who aren’t familiar with JRPG gameplay, I will just recommend that you talk to every NPC (sometimes repeatedly) and try to interact with everything that looks like it could be interacted with.  You also have the ability to heal yourself perpetually in this game, so use your skills and items frequently!

Download the new, updated version of The Fembot Crisis here!

The Fembot Crisis

I’ve left some detailed instructions on what to do with the 7z file once you download it, and you can read those here.  So find those Fembots, use your bionics, and enjoy the ride!

Onyx Crystal Core

And as an added bonus, I’ve made a few minor bug fixes to my first video game Onyx Crystal Core.  I fixed an interaction between two of the androids, and I changed one of the bad endings from just locking the player in an inescapable loop to bringing about a game over.

Now would be a great time to play through this simple but fun adventure, or to experience it for the first time if you haven’t already.  Download it for free here:

Onyx Crystal Core