Song of the Day – “Nautical Disaster” by The Tragically Hip

Ah, the Hip.  Canadian.  Contains two guys named Gord.  How could they not be Canadian?

I say I don’t give a fuck about hockey, and you’ve never saw someone say THAT before.

But that’s a different Trag song.  I can call these guys “The Hip” and “Trag” because they  are so familiar.  Unfortunately, that’s because they’ve been way WAY WAY overplayed up here in Canada.  See, Canadian radio stations (and TV stations) have to follow laws that state they must play a certain percentage of “Canadian content” per day, or per hour, or per basket.

I don’t know the exactiness of it all.  Anyhoo, since Canada has one tenth the population of the US, and hence one tenth the good music, what good music Canada produces gets played right the fuck out.  That’s the main reason I no longer listen to the radio.

And as a consequence, as good as this band is, and as much as I like their songs, I usually skip them when they come on the iPod.  Except for this song.  It’s got a bit of an unconventional structure, and one hell of a dark theme.

Speaking of dark themes, I like dark desktop themes for my Windows and Linux installations.  It’s kind of lame that Ubuntu is trying to be like Mac and all their OSXiness, but at least I can change all that around to my liking.

Now let’s imagine what Gord Bob Doug is singing in this song.  Sorry, but the name of the singer escapes me at the moment, even though I’m 80% certain he’s one of the Gords in the band.  Is Wikipedia too far away for me to verify this?  Sadly, tonight it is.

So Jimmy, the singer, is vocalizing and speechifying about some kind of weird vessel which carries menfolk out to sea.  Said vessel also floats upon the cold, dark sea.  The Briney Deep.  How can a contrivance of Man float upon the waters???


I say we band together and burn these boats and ships!  It is not natural for Man to float upon the seas!

And while we’re at it, we will quench our torches and our bonfires with water!  It is not natural to hold fire within our hands!  We am play gods!  We go too far!!!