This is exactly how DRM works

If you didn’t know it already, DRM stands for Digital Restrictions Management.  Criminal cartels like the RIAA and their greedy asshole cronies will tell you it stands for Digital Rights Management, but remember: corporations want to take your rights away from you so they can have them for themselves.

But that’s a separate rant.

Now here’s something I found on the interwebs:

Yup.  That’s pretty much it.  If I wanted to play any of the latest PC games, I’d need to activate the internet connection on my fast PC so I could let the game “authenticate” itself.  Then of course I’d be at risk of getting all those lovely windows malware infections I try to avoid.  I’d also need a faster fast PC, but that’s another separate rant.

Here is where that delightful cartoon came from originally:

Gotta love Cyanide and Happiness.