Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave

Have you ever taken an inside joke way too far?

About 15 years ago, I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger with my good friend Keizo, and I made the typo to end all typos.  I was trying to type the phrase “complain first”, but instead I typed “pomplain forst”.

I don’t really know how that happened, because the “p” is nowhere near the “c” on the keyboard.  The ridiculousness of my typo spurred me into a spontaneous story about how Pomplain Forst was a Feared Viking Warrior, who was the subject of glorious folk songs of the old Viking people.

It just snowballed from there, collecting more references to typos from there, like “RGAR” (RAR), “Outer Spave” (Outer Space), and “Zoy” (It’s).  That last one really is possible if you mash the Z key together with the shift and then proceed to hit the wrong keys to the right.

Anyway, Pomplain Forst and his adventures have inspired numerous jokes and references between me and Keizo over the years, and even an epic poem.  But now I’ve taken it all to far, and made an RPG style game about him.

Yes, my new hobby of making games in RPG maker strikes again.  Unlike my previous game Onyx Crystal Core, this one has nothing to do with fembots.  This one is a completely ridiculous Viking fantasy adventure about a guy who goes around doing Viking stuff.

It plays quite differently too, and I set out to make it as distinct as possible from my first game as I could.  If you like these 16-bit inspired RPG adventure games, you will enjoy this one.  It offers anywhere from 3 to 6 hours of gameplay, depending on how your skills are at exploring the map, battling enemies, leveling up, and resolving the quests.

It’s a free download, of course, and requires no install.  Run it out of a user folder for best results.  Mouse and keyboard and controller are fully supported.

Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave (Windows)