Song of the Day – “Andromeda” by Zuckerbaby

Bubblegum pop.  By a 90s band, right here where I live in Calgary.  This was actually a fairly big radio hit in Canada.  I bought the album, because, back then, two great songs from a band would make me buy the album.  The other great song from these guys is called “Heavy”.

Oh, why the hell not… here’s a link to “Heavy“.

“Andromeda” reminds me of a few things.  First of all, it reminds me of this:

You can keep the spaceship.  I just want the android.

Secondly, they remind me of a really cute and slightly plump (the way I like em) waitress who worked at a bar where I got sloppily drunk.  She was fond of wearing a very tight white t-shirt with a little green alien logo on it.  It made me think of how she was possibly an android constructed by aliens and sent here to Earth.  The Zuckerbaby connection here is that apparently she knew some of the guys in the band.

Thirdly, this song makes me think of how good this band was, and how much great music they could have made if they hadn’t decided to use all their money to get coke up their noses.  I don’t know if all of the band did this, but I heard from a reputable source (I’m actually being serious here) that a few of the members did.  They got a grant from the Canadian government to record some music… and they used the money for coke.

Pretty damn sad, but ultimately, pop bands get old fast anyway.  Even the Beatles only had a 7 year run.

Now, should I talk about the song?  Shit… why the hell would I do that in a blog post that supposedly is based on the song?  And what could I possibly say about it?

Don’t choke on the stardust, baby?

Good advice.  Ever noticed how coke turns people into complete fucking douchebags?  I’ve known a few cokeheads in my time.  Not people I’d choose to spend much time with.  There was one really hot chick I knew who did coke, but I’d just want to bang her and go home.

Oh, and then there was my ex.  So yeah, not anyone I’d want to spend any time with.