Song of the Day – “Too Many of My Yesterdays” by Peter Hammill

Just a dude and a piano.

This pic came up for a Google image search of “dude” and “piano”.  So here it is.

I’ve become quite fond of Mr. Hammill’s solo music, and I even like (most) of his 80s stuff.  Some of it is bland 80s pop, but at least he didn’t have entirely bad albums.

This song is from one of his 80s albums.  Released in 1986, it’s about as deep into the 80s as you can get.  But it’s basically just Mr. Hammill and a keyboard.  Some things are sequenced, but there are no overdubs.  And this song is the first track.  It’s a rather simple tune, and it’s gotten stuck in my head frequently.  The subject matter is something I would have really connected with about 10 years ago, when I actually reconnected and started up a long distance relationship with my ex.

But now, it’s just a beautiful set of poetic words set to a simple and elegant piano tune.    And this reminds me of how I need to go and track down Mr. Hammill’s 90s albums.  That might take me a while.  “Out of stock” is a reoccurring melody when it comes to buying CDs that aren’t supported by soft drink sales.