Song of the Day – “I Wanna Make The World Turn Around” By Steve Miller Band

More 80s!  And… lord help us all… KENNY FUCKING G!!!!!

So… I know what you’re thinking.  How does that spindly little greasy-haired bastard have anything to do with good music?

I’m thinking the same thing too.  But the sax solo in this song was done by a then relatively unknown Kenny G.

Did you know that Kenny G and Warren G are twins?

It’s true!  Would I go and just make shit up?

Okay, so I would.  But not this!  I Swear!  Like a sailor!

No, this Sailor:

Groovy man.

So, one of the reasons why I despise a lot of 80s stuff is that a lot of 80s music was made by people who were fucking BRILLIANT in the 60s and 70s.  Steve Miller is a prime example.  Even when he was a pandering pop mega star in the late 70s, he was still talented as all get out and could bash anyone else to death with his cave-man-club-of-talent.

Bam Fucking Bam.

Remember that episode of The Flintstones where Betty separated from Barney, and Barney made a “robot” Betty to replace her?  And the “Robot” Betty he made was actually just a hollow tree trunk with a bunch of squirrels inside?


Maybe just me.

So anyway, when Warren G agreed to rap on Steve Miller’s album, Steve Miller was all “I never agreed to this!  You’re just talking and rhyming!  That’s not singing!”

And Warren G was all “Word, yo, you can’t sing any more.”

And then Nate Dog came in and sang circles around Steve Miller.

Just like Steve Miller used to sing circles around anyone else back in the late 70s.  And so now we have come full circle.

And I still haven’t said much about the song.  And that’s all we had for you tonight, goodnight everybody!