Bitching about the way things break in Linux

Just like in Windows… an update can fuck up your favourite programs.  I’ve blabbed before about how my favourite CD ripping program (Grip) no longer works, and now I’d like to bitch about how the replacement I found (Ripper X) doesn’t do as good a job as it should.

Let’s start with mp3 tags.  I fully realize that mp3 tagging capability in Linux is fucking impossible.  Okay, I’m being hyperbolic here.  I’ve never seen an application that could fucking ever get it right though.  That’s why I still use Windows, and specifically the “File Properties” applet to get the mp3 tags entered right.

Just right click that mp3 in Windows XP and it’s smooth sailing.  It takes a while, but once I have the tags set, they are correct and appear that way in any application I use and on my iPod too.

Grip made mp3 tags, but long song titles would get truncated.  I edit all of the mp3s I put on my iPod anyway, so it was never a big deal for me.  And now that I have to use Ripper X to do the dirty work, I get mp3 tags for only the first 9 tracks of any CD.  WTF?

So fuck this, I’m going back to ripping with Windows and good old dBpowerAmp.  I’ll have to write a post on dBpowerAmp one of these days… it’s a great little program.

And how bout that issue I have now with video in Linux on my music computer looking all fucked up?  Skin looks purple, lips look green… and fuck me if I know how to fix it.  God, I hope it isn’t another fucking video card failing on me.