Song of the Day – “Radio” by Supersister

Okay, so I’ve listened to some of that thar Supersister I bought.  And before I progress… that’s a slight pun there… I’ll emphatically state that this is NOT the prefabricated British pop girl group from a couple years ago.  No, this is Robotman’s blog, dawgonnit, and I’m a gonna blabber on about obscure progressive rock groups from the early 70s until your fucking eyes bleed.

This song is from Supersister’s 3rd album, 1972’s “Pudding en Gesteren”.  Translated from Dutch, that means “Pudding and Yesterday”.  The remastered CDs I bought all came with nicely presented liner notes with essays written about the band’s history and the stories behind the album.  I haven’t read them yet, but I have looked at the pictures.  There’s a naked redhead chick on one of their album covers.  20 years ago, that would have blown my fucking mind.  These days… meh.

Anyway, this album is a “concept album”, and as far as I can tell, it was written as music to be performed as an actual ballet… with.. you know… like actual ballet dancers prancing around on a stage and stuff.

Yep, JUST like that.

And this song gives a good idea of what Supersister did.  You have your nice melodic tuneful part, some menacing and powerful parts, and a bit of tongue in cheek throughout.

I haven’t listened much, but already I’m quite glad I bought these albums.  Good stuff.  I will have to read those liner notes to find out just what all this business about pudding is with these guys.