So much for predictions.

Bah.  I was gonna blog.  I used to blog.  Now I just work.  Bah.

So what’s changed in Robotman’s life recently?  I have had all hope beaten out of me, for one thing.  But do not despair!  I’m only talking about my job.  I’ve got plenty of hope outside of my shitty job of being stuck with a brain among what is basically a product-producing and shipping slime mold with a fancy schmancy logo.

And I’ve been sick!  Boy have I been sick!  I had about four nasty, horrid infections at the beginning of the year.  No, not THOSE kind of infections.  Lung, ear, and throat infections.  And I have the flu as we speak!  Huzzah!!!

And I had to take another week off because of exhaustion.  But do you remember what happened last time I had to take time off work for exhaustion?  That’s right, I got a good bonus from my job and was able to commission Sexdroids in Space.

We shall see what… oh fuck it.  No need to be coy.  I’m going to announce it in the very next post anyway, so I have another comic ready.

This post is all about bitching.  Grumble.

Anyway, the main point I wanted to make was that I won’t be posting regularly any time soon as my days are still fucking STUPID long because of my commute.  That should be all good by 2013.  Fuck.

EDIT:  The HTML text entry window in WordPress 3 seems not to be shitting the bed when I use it.  Huzzah!!!