Oh, Spammers, you funny!

You will never see any approved spam comments on this here blog.  Spam comments are so damn easy to spot, it’s like I’ve set up the ultimate filter for them.

The ultimate filter I says!

Here’s how it works.  You see the content of this blog?  You see how it is composed?  It’s mainly stupid puns, bad jokes and unimportant observations and randomly inserted pics that don’t really belong and that I don’t have any rights to use.

Go ahead, scroll through it.  There’s lots of fembots too.  And bad grammar.  And sentence fragments.

Okay, now that you’ve seen the kind of drek that I force upon unsuspecting visitors, let’s take a look at how the average spam comment is composed:

Comment from:
“Oh, Hi!  I am so glad I found your wonderful blog!  It is so full of useful instructions and knowledge, and it really helped me along with my search!  I found exactly what I was looking for!  I’ve added your blog to my RSS feed, please visit my facebook page and like me! SHITTY WEBSITE REDACTED”

Okay, do I really need to break it down to show you what is so wrong with these statements?  If you have ever read ANYTHING on this blog, you will know that nowhere in these pages is there anything:

  • helpful
  • instructive
  • worthwhile
  • useful
  • that makes you ever want to visit this website ever again.  ALT+F4!!! ALT+F4!!!

And most of these spam comments seem to try to attach themselves to only 2 posts that I’ve made on this blog… I won’t tell you which ones because that will dilute the magic.  But rest assured, nothing in those posts would ever get any rational praise from a thinking person looking for help with anything that made sense in a realistic way in the here and now in this world under the sun.

Whatever and ever, Amen.

So, I say to you spammers…..

wait, wait…

I will get “The Barron” from the obscure but delightful 1996 PC strategy game “Lords of the Realm 2” to say it: