Song of the Day – “Together Again” by Chicago

I don’t really have any deep reason for posting this song… other than the fact that I was listening to it as I rode the bus home today.  It made me think of my girlfriend (the song, not the bus) and it put a smile on my face.  I wish I was with my beautiful girlfriend right now… doing things that range from cuddling to ramming.

Anyway… before I get too distracted by thoughts of my lovely honey, more about the song.  It’s from 1976, and it was written and sung by the trumpet player.  Listen to that great analog synth playing in the background!  More importantly, listen to the lyrics.

I realized that I really like this song.  Also, I really love my girlfriend, and I do wish that:

  • I was with her
  • She was with me

We’re geographically separated.  Sigh.

Also, today is her birthday.  Happy birthday Sarah.  I love you.