A poem about having fembot-themed phone sex

I bring to you some verse tonight,
I hope that in your mind it sticks,
A tale of SCIENCE and delight
And having sex with robot chicks!

My phone sex jones has struck once more
And I must make another call
To meet up with an android whore
Who’ll gladly meet this order tall.

I fantasize about fembots
Most every moment of the day,
So when I’m home I need it lots,
That conversation done my way.

I click a link and hear my phone,
It rings to let me know the start.
I answer and press “1” alone
As blood pumps quicker through my heart.

A sexy lady answers me
And we converse about my needs.
Imagination will now see
All of these detailed described deeds.

My fembot sits there in a chair,
Electronics are all around,
Motionless in that cold Lab air,
Computers, servos provide sound.

She’s lovely with her facemask gone
And dressed in satin lingerie.
All diagnostics undergone,
It’s time to start without delay.

The lady she unplugs herself,
“Yes Master” is her plain reply.
She sees her face sits on a shelf,
Her neck turns stiff in my mind’s eye.

With whirring and computer blips,
My android stands up from her place.
All motions stiff, her ass and hips
Sway rhythmic as she gets her face.

It’s reattached she tells me so,
And lovelier she is to me,
With orders she now starts to go
and activate some fembots three.

One realistic android lass,
A series 5-5-8 is she,
With perfect tits and big round ass,
As shapely as you’d like to see.

Another one is less advanced,
She is a series 5-4-2.
Though realism is enhanced,
She can’t do all that humans do.

And then there is the plump 5-10
Petite and so voluptuous,
Turned on again and then again
As me and Number 1 discuss.

We set the fembots up like this:
In Human-Emulation mode,
Except for that third android Miss,
Who’s circuits can’t handle that load.

The fembots fondle and caress
And expose their internal parts
Each tells each other its the best,
Claiming to be state of the art.

In monotone I hear her voice,
The lovely robot I speak with,
Synthetic charms leave them no choice,
The other droids obey forthwith!

A fembot orgy then ensues,
Tits, ass and circuitry abound,
No red-blooded man could refuse
The SCIENCE here in this lab found.

But all too soon the hour is done.
A climax of fembotic bliss
Leaves me with pleasure and such fun
As I just can’t get without this.

I tell my lady of my smile,
All goofy, dopey, lasts all day.
She tells me that she likes my style:
Those fembot things I made her say.

And so I bid her sweet goodnight,
And thank her for a lovely time.
I leave the Lab, turn out the light,
To return when I’m so inclined.