Robotman’s Comics: B-Sides, Outtakes and Rarities

Since 2008 when I started commissioning fembot comics from some great artists, I’ve collected many images and sketches related to those projects.  I was digging through my archives recently and found some nice artwork that I think others might like to see.

So here’s my version of scraping the barrel to release stuff that was never meant to be released.  And unlike an expensive CD box set or a deluxe digital download, I won’t charge you any money for it!

The Robots of Love

This was the first comic I had produced, but not actually the first story I had written with the intent to be made into a comic.  And digging through some email archives just now, I remembered that I wanted to make this comic much longer than it came out:

Most of the comic then shows the fun Vida has playing and having sex with dozens of beautiful, voluptuous female androids.  At the end she is sent out with two of them to continue her adventures by visiting more Robot Control sites around the world.

I should commission a sequel some time in the future to complete the story then.

Here are some of the initial sketches that first came back from the artist Predator.  Click the thumbnail to see the full image.

I also made some crude diagrams in MS Paint so that Predator could better understand some of the things I was trying to describe.

And as the sketches came in, I was able to see his inking without the colouring done.

There was also an instance where the fembot character Sara had been drawn with her facemask on when it should have been off.  This was fixed in the final version.

And of course, I had to mock the U.S.’s “Comics Code Authority” on the cover.

Sexdroids in Space

The second comic to be produced was actually the first story I had written specifically to be made into a comic.  I am still quite proud of this story, because there is actually quite an interesting statement about the nature of AI behind all the sexy fembot art.

There were of course my crude diagrams for this one too.

Here’s an early character sketch for Betty.  She was originally styled after the HRP-4C robot, but was later changed to look more like a Sorayama-style robot.

There were also some inked but not coloured pages.  Some of them show things slightly different than they would appear in the finished comic.  Note the seated fembots around the “computer” on the bridge.

I also had a change made to the scene where Brea lifts Tiffany and puts her on a table in the Robot Lab.  Originally, Brea carried Tiffany in a human-like way.

Future F.A.I.T.

For the third comic, I also made diagrams.  I designed Candace’s outer-space fembot costume myself too, as well as the Droid-O-Matic Automatic Android Making Machine™.

There were also some pages coloured in a way that didn’t match my plans for the look of Oscilla’s spaceship.  And later on, there were 4 silver fembots drawn on the spaceship.  Oscilla only had three of these robots made before she made Candace.

Shemale Android Sex Sirens

For this comic drawn and coloured by AB Lust, I made a diagram of the front cover and Amanda’s penthouse at S.A.S.S. Headquarters.

There were also some lovely character sketches and inked pages.