So, entirely typical of the way that I shoot my big fucking mouth off about things I don’t completely know or understand, I’ve gone and said a few things on this blog that need to now be corrected.

Here’s the original post.

None other than George Ou himself has graciously said hello and verbally slapped some sense into me about my inaccuracies.  Mr. Ou responded:

Hi Robotman,

Thanks for your kind words here. Note that I’m now at Also, ZDNet still has my old articles at

And just to be clear, my position at ZDNet was eliminated and I was laid off along with 10% of CNET’s staff in 2008.

Thank you Mr. Ou for setting the record straight.  I still think its quite a shame that Mr. Ou’s talents no longer grace the ZDNet news site, but I do believe I’m in for some good reading at Digital Society.

Thank you for the link, sir.

Now, I am as surprised as anyone that people other than myself read anything on this blog.  “How can this be?”  I ask, as you no doubt ask yourself.  I mean, even I only ever read this thing to make sure my posts are free of grammatical errors before I post them!

As to why I thought that ZDNet had removed George Ou’s posts… I have a limited number of excuses to try and use:

  1. I was drunk
  2. I don’t know how to use a search box
  3. Alien conspiracy
  4. I’m a little on the “slow” side of the smart curve

Excuse #1 can be discarded because I haven’t had a drink since early 2001.  Excuse #2 is improbable… I mean, there’s not much you can fuck up with a tool like the good old search box.  Excuse #4 is eliminated from consideration I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT IM A DUMB-HEAD!!!!!11!1

This leaves only Excuse #3.  I am certain – and I know it with every fibre of my being – that our space alien overlords have had a hand in directing events here on Earth as to make it impossible for me to find George Ou’s posts on ZDNet News awhile back… that one time I actually looked.

Nah, I’m just kidding.  It’s a combination of #2 and #4.

Also, I said it was a few years since the “shakeup”, now known to be layoffs occurred.  I am bad with numbers.  Seriously, I can’t add numbers in my head.  Subtraction?  Forget it!  And don’t make me laugh at your patently insane requests for multiplication or division!  I think I have some kind of number dyslexia.

Or, more likely, see excuse #4 above.

What is left undiscussed now is Ed Bott’s large, red, floppy clown shoes.  These were not pictured in the original post, but trust me, they are there!

Don’t forget to read George Ou’s posts at ZDNet News.  There are some great pieces there that are not just news, but great and helpful information that every PC user should know.