Rant of the Day – Whatever the fuck comes to mind

That is the image that appeared first in a Google image search when I entered “whatever the fuck comes to mind” in the search box.

Not bad.

I was going to blab a little bit about how I’m reading a lot of Roman history now.  I was going to do this when I talked about Peter Hammill’s song “Pompeii”, but since I couldn’t find a YouTube link for that song… I didn’t.

On Wikipedia… which is sort of like a Quantum Encyclopedia, I’ve been reading about the Roman Consuls.  Before bed, I have been in the habit of loading Wikipedia in Firefox on my first computer, then navigating to the “List of Roman consuls” page.  Most of the entries are brief, and only contain information on when such and such held office, and when he was killed by his enemies.

No, I’m kidding.  The Roman Republic period wasn’t as violent as that Star Trek episode where Spock had a beard.  That was more like the Roman Empire.

Did you know that the folks who got together and killed Julius Caesar minted fucking coins in celebration of it?

Good god, that’s morbid.  I mean… Good Gods, that’s morbid.

Speaking of Star Trek… the original series is where it’s at.  Far more female androids appeared in that than any of the other shows.

This one is from the “I, Mudd” episode.  Rather, it would have been from the episode had it not ended up as a deleted scene.  This is one of the “Anna Belle” series androids, number 007 to be exact.

Harry Mudd was a fool.  He had a whole planet full of androids all to himself, and he wanted off.  Fucking dink.

Back to Roman history…  So when I’m going to bed, and if I’m not too tired, I let my screen reader read up on some of this stuff for me.  I never got into Roman history until I read a book called “Cicero”.  It’s a recent book, and I’m far to lazy to get out of my chair and walk into the other room to go to my bookshelf and look it up.  You can read about Cicero on Wikipedia… but be careful.  If it says that he was a 3-time winner of the Kentucky Derby, then you should check the references to verify that.

Greek history got me interested in Mathematics, by the way.  You see, I was never interested in Math while I was in school.  I can’t do Math.  I literally can not perform simple arithmetic calculations in my head, or with the aid of pencil and paper.  I do have the answers to some equations memorized.  Examples:

2 + 2 = 4
12 x 3 = 36
50 ÷ 5 = 25

Ha, kidding about that one.  I know that 12 x 3 = 48.

But seriously, my difficulties with doing arithmetic are basically a disability.  Unless I have a calculator.  I deal with arithmetic every day at work, and I’m still employed, so I must be doing something right.

Higher math functions… or rather the ideas expressed in English behind them… are just fascinating to me.

So the Ancient Greeks came up with lots of Geometry, some Number Theory, and even the beginnings of Algebra and Calculus.  Just by drawing in the fucking sand, man!  And paper.  Yeah, there was that too.  Well, technically not paper, but similar.

And the Roman army killed Archimedes!  Bunch of dinks.  They would have fucking killed me if I called them that.  Look at this guy… the Roman Emperor Caracalla:

He’s all “What the fuck is YOUR problem?” in that bust.  He would have snapped me in half like a twig if he heard me badmouthing the Roman Army like that.  He was an exceptional Roman soldier from Gaul, and he was the meanest son of a bitch at the time, so he became top dog.

Then his body guards stabbed him to death while he went off the road to take a piss.

Fucking Roman Army.  Bunch of dinks.

I don’t think I’ve called people “dinks” like this since I was in grade three.


Well, I’ve run out of things to say.