Song of the Day – “Big Trouble” by David Lee Roth

You gotta love this guy.  THAT’S AN ORDER!!!

If you don’t feel like reading my prattle, my twaddle, my blabber, my chatter today, just check out this link:

While all the children are playing at the above link, I shall now gather the responsible adults around me, and we shall rationally discuss the merits and demerits of this lyrical and musical work.

Hark!  The Muses gift us with tidings of RAWK.  David Lee Roth is the Alpha and Omega.  In David Lee Roth’s eyes are one thousand thousand burning Suns.  David Lee Roth shall light the way for all Mankind.

Seriously¹ now, most of what DLR put out solo is cheesy.  We’re talking aerosol cheese here, folks.  This song is off his second solo venture, his first full-length venture.  That was his best, I believe, but I have only heard his first 3 solo albums.

I couldn’t find a YouTube link for this song.  Meh.  Google it if you really want to hear it, or if you have the album, dig it out of your collection and play it.  Instead, I give you a song by the exact same title performed by some band called “Von Halen”.

Yeah, I’ve never heard of this “Von Halen” either.  My guess is that was Lawrence Welk’s European touring orchestra.

Seriously², they were so much better with Dave.  Even that ’78 demo stuff kicks ass.

But enough about VH.  Let’s talk about V8, and how I can buy it again because it no longer gives me headaches!

Good stuff.  Delicious and nutritious, much like food.

Come on, you can’t expect me to talk about the actual SONG twice in one week now!  Go read the “Song of the Day” post for “Starless” by King Crimson.  That one really discusses the song.

Okay…. seriously³ DLR raps in this song.  I never noticed it as “rapping” at first because he pulls it off rather well, and basically he sounds like DLR talking instead of singing over the music.  Which is good.  The music, not the fact that he’s talking and not singing.   He also sings.  He raps and sings.

Am I still making sense?  I stopped paying attention a while back.  Sorry.  Who am I kidding.  No one’s reading this!

Hey Uncle Furry, here’s that link I was telling you about today:

I’m impatient to finish this because I am the proud owner of a new Android!

No, not that kind.  Unfortunately.  I got my new phone today.

And Joey is fine.  See below.  He’s an expensive cat.