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In Praise of Chef Boyardee

Yes, my slop is being nuked in the microwave as we speak!  IT was either that or Wendy’s.  Not healthy, but flavourful.  I’m getting plenty of “exercise” at work lately.  So I guess I can claim that I’m burning off the fat pretty fast. So on to things that aren’t high-sodium, high-fat, low-nutrient meals.  Well […]

Attention: Complaint Department

Well, bluddy ell. I heard on the weather today that the atmosphere above Calgary was unstable.  No shit.  When I got out of work, it was freezing.  When I rode the train through to downtown, it was a fucking blizzard.  When I got downtown there was no freezing rain but it was about as windy […]

Fucking garbage printer from HP

Well, I’m too fucking pissed off to write a blog post tonight.  My fucking HP printer just died… actually it had been a slow death because since I got the fucking thing it would repeatedly tell me it was out of fucking paper when it wasn’t.  Now it won’t fucking print at all.  I threw […]

Printers Through Windows

I was all set to get lots of stuff done today.  I still have a ton of music to Mikeify.  I got another album by Peter Hammill today, so I was going to do that one and put it on the iPod.  I ordered his 80s albums last week from Amazon.ca, and every single one […]

Nice words that aren’t “Happy Birthday”

Okay, printer manufacturers, I’ve got you in my sights. FUCK YOU.  FUCK YOU ALL. Greedy, avaricious, gluttonous scum-sucking lowlifes all of you! I’m never buying an inkjet printer again.  For the amount of sheer hassle I get, for the wasted money spent on ink and paper when things fuck up, for having to shell out […]

Playing games with my printer

Ah, vegetation day.  I try to make that Saturday, but I was too busy yesterday.  And now on Sunday I sit around and do as little as possible.  That’s a shame because I have a ton of stuff I need to get done.  Oh well. Right now, as I did rather recently, I am playing […]