Hurtin’ for Geek Cred

As I have bitched about below, I had a printer die on me recently.  The new one is on the way, but since I had to shell out a good $400 for it, my credit card was put damn near its limit.

My ISP wasn’t able to bill the card, so I had to write them a cheque.  I mailed that in with a printout of the billing statement I got in my email.  And here’s where my Geek Cred suffers.  Since I am sans-printer, I had to use my PARENTS’ LAPTOP with my MOM’S PRINTER to get that done.  Pretty sad considering I bought those things for them to use.

My parents are Linux users, by the way.  They have never even used Windows once. :P

And while we’re on the topic of computers, I just HAVE to share this blog post with you.

Fuck Apple!

I need to find out how to say “Fuck Apple” in Latin.  “Fucco Appius”?  Probably not.