A new toy 2

I’ve still got that 10 year old Thinkpad.  And I’m still enjoying it.  Here’s a status update for those of you waiting breathlessly for such information.

This puppy now dual boots both Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 98 SE.  That’s a month-old operating system coupled with a 12 year old operating system on a 10 year old computer.  Man, I’m such a geek.

And why is this important?  It really isn’t.  It’s just something that occupies my time so I can mindlessly plod away on something geeky while my mind resets itself.  It’s called Vegetation.

I do have some old DOS games installed on that thing, and some old computer and game console emulators.  I haven’t set those up yet, but the games are running just fine.  Except Risk 2. And 1602.  And Rome.  I guess the “SE” part of that Windows 98 deal messed around with DOS a bit more.  Oh well.  I still have my first PC to play those on.

There will be a bit of an issue I can see coming up.  That is that this laptop only has 1 USB port.  I don’t have any spare PS2 mice kicking around, so I have to use my spare USB mouse… which just kind of died.  Right-click no longer works.  But in any case, when I need to use a game controller for the emulators, I’ll have to unplug the mouse and use the direction button.  You know, that silly little orange nub between the G and H keys that allows you to move the cursor around.

I already tried my USB hub.  Doesn’t work.

Anyway, I’ve got both OSs tweaked just right, except sound doesn’t work in Ubuntu.  There’s a problem with sound on all Thinkpad 600E models.  The soundchip doesn’t get identified correctly, and as a consequence, no driver is installed.  I found a workaround for the issue, but that was from 2006, and it didn’t work in Ubuntu 10.04.

There’s also a non-functioning internet connection for the Windows partition, but this is on purpose.  I found all kinds of drivers for Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and XP for this machine on Lenovo’s website.  That’s how I got the sound, video and on-screen display drivers.  But I chose not to get the internet connectivity drivers (modem, PC card) because I don’t want an internet connection for the Windows side of things.  If I left it unattended and hooked up to the net, it would get infected with malware in a manner of minutes.

So it’s basically set up for me to play DOS games.  Or I might give it away to someone who wants an extra PC to fuck around with.  But I’ll probably keep it.  Thanks, Uncle Furry. ;)

And here are some screenshots from it: