Here’s something that only the old timers to ASFR will remember.  Back in the year 2000, I created my very own website dedicated to the love and sexual appreciation of female androids.

I wasn’t known as Robotman back then, I was Faceless001.  And I also shared some of my first serious attempts at writing, the Fantastic Voyage saga.  (I later renamed it to The Carbon Man, and then abandoned it because I myself forgot the story I was trying to tell with it.) Some people still really like that story, but I’ve written much better stuff since as Robotman.

Anyway, the site was (kind of regrettably) hosted on a “free porn website” hosting service, which meant it was ad-supported.  At first, the ads were unobtrusive banner ads at the top, but eventually they evolved into popups, popunders, and all kinds of crazy bullshit, so I just shut the website down.

The site itself isn’t much for content.  It only features my story, some news articles I thought were relevant (mostly dead links now), links to other ASFR-related sites (again, mostly dead links), images I’d scavenged and scanned, and some other late ’90s/ early ’00s web mainstays.

But since I saved all the files from the old website, I can now resurrect it in full, so take a trip back in time and check out what things looked like before I made FembotWiki, and before Fembot Central even existed.  This was back when we had to make everything by ourselves, and we appreciated those things in kind.