I am tired and I am a video game geek and the world must know

I got off work at 2:30pm today.  And that’s a good thing because I’m mentally and physically exhausted from Wednesday… and the rest of the week too.  But mostly Wednesday.  What a fucking day.  And Wednesday is in honour of our god Odin.  Praise be to him!

You see, Odin had some crows to help him do stuff too.  I forget the story behind all that jazz, but the crows help him see far away.  And they also harass me while I’m walking to catch my bus in the morning.  See two posts below for that.

So honour Odin.  If you don’t…. actually I’m not sure what happens if you don’t.  Maybe it gets really cold.  Wait a sec… it’s always cold where Odin is.  Fuck, I’m just no good at this mythology thing.

And Age of Mythology was such a letdown for me when it came out.  I play Age of Empires and its sequel Age of Kings religiously (pun intended), so when I read that there was a new game coming with better graphics and more expansive gameplay, I couldn’t wait.  But the game never ran well on any of my computers, even my newest.  It’s buggy.  Hoarse and buggy.

It ALWAYS crashed on my laptop, my Compaq R3000.  And even now, when I can play it without crashing on my fast computer, I don’t like the fact that all the fun (for a true geek like me) micromanaging aspects of farming and resource gathering have been mostly automated.  With AOE and AOK I can sit back and let battle take a back seat to my need to build and gather resources.  But not in AOM.  And don’t get me started on Age of Empires III.

One thing I will say is that the corny logo I made (copied) in MS Paint for the Wikipedia AOE article project is STILL in use by that project.  That’s sort of nifty and a little sad at the same time.

I’m not making much sense.  I’m going back to bed.  Did I tell you I was tired?