Cuberpynk 2077

So, the game I’ve been waiting for since 2012 is finally here!  I’ve got my copy!  I made it 7.5 hours in, and downloaded a patch…

And couldn’t load the game any more.  Well shit.  We were getting along so well, Cyberpunk.  Maybe it’s me.  Or rather, maybe it’s my PC.  I do remember that I saved up for 14 months and bought my gaming PC specifically to play GTA V on it.  I downloaded and installed that game, and then watched as it completely failed to load too.

Well, forget about that, because there was another patch!  And after the 12 hour download to get it (seriously, I’m on a fucking ADSL connection, lol) I was back in business!

But my save game file was gone.

Well fuck.  Do I want to start all over again?  Do I want to go through the vanishing save game blues again in the future?

I think I’ll just put this game away for a few months and try again after it’s been patched up some more.

I also got a distinct underwhelmed feeling while I was actually playing this game.  Kind of like the “go anywhere and be anyone” game that was talked up turned out more like an on-rails shooter.

Oh sorry, wrong game.  Though maybe I should play some of those older games again.  They hale from a time when games had to be finished to be released.