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Song of the Day – “Cygnus X-1” by Rush

Linkus X-1. Check it out!  It’s a guy’s ass!  A guy’s naked ass!  Seriously!  Check out the video link! Okay, that only lasts for about a minute.  Then there’s a pic of Rush from about 1976.  Followed by more pics by the time you hear Geddy’s bass kick in. Fuck, this song is SWEEEEEEET.  It’s […]

Goodbye GRip

I’m losing my GRip.  My GRip ain’t what it used to be.  I just can’t GRip any more. All these idiotic puns refer to the great Linux application “GRip”.  That stands for Gnome Rip.  Gnome being the popular Linux desktop environment and Rip being what you do to CDs instead of playing them now. Back […]