An assemblage of the finest minds

Here is a very interesting picture.

Almost everyone (except for you Sharla, because you’re as dumb as you are gorgeous) will recognize Albert Einstein.  But take a look at those names.  You may recognize some others now.  This is a snapshot of where modern physics and cosmology comes from… pretty much.

And here’s another similar photo.  The names aren’t recognizable, but do some looking up on Wikipedia, and you will see that these are some very fine minds indeed.

To explain further:

Joseph Weizenbaum became a full professor and received tenure at the MIT. In 1966 Joseph published ELIZA, a milestone in AI and natural language processing.

Together with Claude Shannon (left), John McCarthy, Ed Fredkin at a private gathering near Cambridge, Ma.

And now here’s another fine meeting:

No explanation necessary.  What you see in that photo is nothing less than the pinnacle of human achievement.  The summit of civilized accomplishment.  The very essence of what it means to be a learned man – a philosipher.

And here’s Lenin, Mickey Mouse and Jesus:

And Ron Jeremy through the years.

Mind = blown.