Another post where I bitch about the weather

It’s raining like the blazes here right now.  How do the blazes rain, you ask?  You’re asking, perhaps, the wrong fellow as I am not in much of a coherent mood right now.  And if you suspect that this post will devolve into a rant about the weather, you just might be correct.

See, Calgary’s climate is classified as “semi-arid”.  It’s usually bone dry here and only humid while It’s raining.  For the last few years though, it’s been raining a lot and there have even been some humid days.  But most recently it’s just been colder than it should be.  For fuck’s sake, it’s freaking JUNE and it’s only 11 degrees outside.  That’s Celsius, but it’s still low.

And because the weather and in particular the air pressure have been changing so fast lately, mumble scramble bumble fumble.

Here comes the point in the post in which I whine and bleat about my headaches.  You can skip this.  Actually, let’s do something zany!  Let’s make some haiku about recycled metal cans!

Shiny once now dull
Rusted crusted with foodstuffs
Pass through fire will clean

I tried to remove
The top portion of the can
I cut my finger

If it is dented
There may be bacteria
Growing up inside

Okay, that last one was about a can with something in it still.  Have you ever heard this expression before?

“Her face looks like a can of smashed assholes!!”

The first time I heard that, the van we were in nearly went off the road because the driver was laughing so hard.  And when I told Uncle Furry that one, he nearly went off the road from laughing so hard too.

And I’m lucky that Uncle Furry is giving me a ride tonight again, seeing how it’s raining pretty bad.

Argh.  Where’s Old Pomplain Forst when you need him?