CyberFem Stories – Writer’s Commentary

It’s been just over five years since I commissioned, lettered and posted my two CyberFem Stories comics.  I can look at them now and enjoy them as some pure technosexual smut, celebrating the erotic beauty of androids.

Here are those comics, so that you can read and enjoy them if you haven’t already:

The original posts with their jpg versions are here, here and here.

As far as commentary goes to explain the plot and deeper meaning of these comics, well, there’s not much to it.  Volume one shows the daily action inside the CyberFem Park facility, which is almost 100% automated and operated by female androids.  The action focuses on one particular “technician” android named 1014-4213, portrayed again my the lovely and talented Kim Coquette from NiteFlirt, who gets activated and proceeds to report to her workstation.

Kim then similarly calls upon and activates a sexy voluptuous android named 8279-XJ53, who has been specially requested by a human visitor and prepared in his room for the evening.  8279-XJ53 doesn’t act on her own, she only follows 1014-4213’s instructions.  In this way, 8279-XJ53 gets dressed, applies her makeup, and then finally puts her faceplate on and then waits for the human who requested her.  Ah, love.

The only point to this story, or more accurately, this sequence of events is to show that these beautiful women wandering around CyberFem Park aren’t people.  They’re machines.  They’re computers.

And as a transition to talk about Volume 2, I’ll explain the covers of these comics.  They both show scenes that a human visitor to CyberFem Park would see upon arrival.  The cover for Volume 1 shows a limousine at the airport.  That’s a self-driving limo, and the chauffeur and the pretty lady in the back seat are both androids.  They’re both programmed to be very friendly and welcoming to human visitors, if you know what I mean.

Volume 2’s cover shows a scene inside the main CyberFem Hotel complex lobby, with lovely androids in uniform strutting around dutifully fulfilling their preprogrammed instruction sets.  That statuesque blonde android is offering a keycard to you (the human visitor) with your room number on it.  And since Volume two had both a regular female and a shemale version, you’ll notice that in one of those versions she’s sporting a lovely hardon.  I like to think that if you ask her in the right way, you can take her back to your room and have fun with her too.

The story of Volume 2 is more or less a continuation of Volume 1, but focuses on a “test” or “experiment” of two of the androids within the CyberFem Park complex. Kim Coquette as 1014-4213 again introduces the scene from the control room.

We then see the action down in the android testing and research area.  It looks like a lovely blonde android has gotten herself stuck in a loop of some sort, and is being wheeled away on a dolly by one of the android technicians.  This is where we also see the android 3830-LR76, also known as “Nathalie”.  She is reporting to one of the testing labs, where 4217-BE27, or “Laviny” is waiting for her.

Nathalie enters the room, and we can see immediately that she isn’t acting human-like at all.  Nathalie is a 500, and everything she does is robotic and machine-like.  Her companion for this test, Laviny, is much more realistic looking, and smiles at her as she enters.  But Laviny needs to make a few adjustments to herself, so she removes her head, puts it on the table next to her, and then removes her faceplate.

Laviny adjusts some of the internal circuitry inside her head with a screwdriver while Nathalie attempts to seduce her in the most robotic and efficient way she knows how – by telling Laviny that she is a robot, and by removing her own faceplate.

Laviny emits a series of electronic beeping signals and reattaches her head.  She runs a diagnostic on herself while Nathalie tries to figure out why her seduction attempt has failed.

Laviny then tells Nathalie how much she likes her, and suggests that they play together.  The two androids then reattach their faceplates so they can kiss each other, while back in the control room, 1014-4213 comments on the efficiency of the new kissing algorithm.  The beautiful and emotionless 1014-4213 loads her next task.

And that’s basically it.  Unlike some of my comics where there were much deeper things going on under the surface, like Sexdroids in Space, These two comics are just pure technosexual goodness that show beautiful and sexy female androids doing sexy things to show off their electronic circuitry.  And fembot penis too.

But to me personally, these comics always make me think of a very difficult time in my life.  I feel I need to explain why they came about, and more importantly, why they exist.  If you aren’t interested in this very personal aspect of this commentary, then you don’t need to read any further.

Back at the very beginning of 2016, I started having severe chest pains.  If you’ve ever had a heart attack, then you know exactly what these chest pains are like.  And you have never felt pain like this before if you haven’t.

This is the kind of pain that stops you dead in your tracks.  This is the kind of pain that changes you.  And for me, this is the kind of pain that made me certain that I was about to die.

This was pain that I could feel far deep inside me, down into my heart.  Every time I moved I could feel sharp stabbing pain, and it got worse all the time.  I was bedridden for days when it came on, and when I say that I was certain that I was about to die, that is not exaggeration.  That is not hyperbole.

To feel pain like that, the brain is being told that the heart is failing, and it’s so overwhelming that it’s impossible to think of anything else, let alone to try to forget it.  I started making preparations for my death, and getting my affairs in order.  When I was well enough to get out of bed, I made an appointment with my doctor, who sent me to get an electrocardiogram, and then to a heart clinic so a specialist could diagnose me.

The entire time, the pain did not diminish, nor did it abate.  I remember sitting in the heart clinic waiting room, thinking I could die at any moment, and looking at all the other patients there.  Not surprisingly, the bast majority of them were very old or very obese.  And here I was – a relatively fit, and trim young man among them.

The tests that were run on me involved attaching electrodes to my chest and measuring my heart rate at rest, and then while running on a treadmill.  I was also sent for a CT scan to image my heart.

And after the results were in, it was unexpected news.  My heart was almost perfectly healthy.  Only a slightly smaller than normal left ventricle.  My cholesterol levels weren’t bad either, in fact after all the blood tests, multiple doctors described my cholesterol levels as “incredible” and “amazing”.

The diagnosis turned out to be Costochondritis.  And how I wish I’d never heard of Costochondritis.

The best the doctors could advise me to do is to take Aspirin or other NSAIDs for pain and inflammation, which I can’t take.  Other than that, it’s “good luck” because it might go away, it might stay forever, and it might get worse.

I’ve learned how to avoid aggravating it, but that also means avoiding anything that strengthens my chest muscles too, which is a possible way of lessening the pain.  But I’m in a Catch 22 situation now.

And all this background with having severe chest pain in January of 2016, when I thought for certain that I was going to die brings me back to why I commissioned these two comics.

I wanted to make one last comic project, to go out with something sexy.  Lettering Volume 1 was extremely painful, I remember.  I had to get it done in short sessions, a little at a time because using a computer with my hands on the mouse and keyboard was excruciatingly painful.  But I pushed through and completed it.

Volume two was commissioned and completed after my diagnosis, and I was no longer certain that I was about to die from a heart attack.  But I needed something to cheer me up, and it was still almost as painful to letter.  But they’re done now, and as more time passes between the truly awful personal events that spurred their creation, I can enjoy them more and more for what they are.