Fembot Manips II — September 2021

I’ve got some more manips to share, so push those buttons, flick those switches, and turn those dials!

But first, I found an interesting website that uses artificial intelligence to create portraits.  Interesting concept, I thought, so I gave it a try.  First I gave it the keywords “Female Android”, then “Beautiful Female Robot Woman”, and lastly “Beautiful Female Android With Electronic Circuitry and Robotics Showing”.  Here are the images that were generated:

I think the first one turned out the best, but overall, that site really isn’t geared toward generating anything but portraits of people.

And now, the manips!  But first, I made a faux 1950s pulp sci-fi book cover out of one of them:

I imagine that would be an interesting read, although who in their right mind would want to escape from a planet full of android women?  And check out that book price.  Hard to imagine when you could actually get a book for 50 Cent.

I mean Fifty Cents.  Inflation, man.  And believe it or not, most books aren’t even about planets full of female androids!